TV3 refuse to confirm return of 'Tallafornia'

The cast of Tallafornia
The cast of Tallafornia

Tallafornia fans have been excited by reports today about the return of the show to our screens but TV3 have told us nothing is confirmed just yet.

There were reports in this morning's papers that the popular reality show, famous for being stuffed with sex, slagging and booze, was set for a comeback.

The reports also said the show would return with a brand new cast sometime in 2016, meaning the likes of Nikita, Cormac and Marc wouldn't be getting a second shot at fame.

However, TV3 have told us that fans shouldn't get too excited just yet.

‘Discussions are ongoing,' a station spokesperson told us. 

'It is among a number of options we are looking at. Nothing is confirmed yet.’

The show was certainly much talked about during its two-season run.

David Norris thought it was 'exploiting' young people but the viewing figures, and continued visibility in the limelight of those involved in the show suggest that there is still life in the format yet.