TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou tackles Twitter trolls

TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou tackles Twitter trolls

Georgia Kousoulou has called for body shaming to be made illegal.

The Only Way Is Essex star showcases her stunning figure in the advertising campaign for her debut swimwear range Summer Dreams By Georgia K. But despite her lithe physique, the 24-year-old still finds herself the victim of trolls on social media sites such as Twitter. And in a new interview, Georgia said she believes there should be a law introduced to prevent such body shaming.

"I don’t agree with body shaming at all," Georgia told Mail Online. "I think it should be illegal. I think there should be a law where people shouldn’t be allowed to comment on people’s appearances and slate them.

"Young girls often feel insecure in themselves anyway. There’s all these diet pills, shakes, pressure on girls to be skinny. I hate that.

"I’ve always promoted eating carbs, going to the gym, being healthy, everything in moderation. I would hate to see a young girl see us getting hate and worry about their looks."

Georgia has also been stunned by the aspects of her appearance that some people focus on. A recent picture she posted saw trolls target her feet - something she finds entirely bemusing.

"Last week I posted a picture, and the background was really ugly so I blurred it out. And everyone was like, “She’s Photoshopped it.” I replied and said I definitely hadn’t," Georgia said.

"And then people were saying my feet were really ugly! I said, "You’ve got issues, are you really going to pick on someone’s feet?" They backtracked after that."

Georgia also spoke about TOWIE in the interview. The recent season finale saw Danielle Armstrong and James 'Lockie' Lock get back together, and Georgia has high hopes for their relationship future.

"They’re so in love. I just knew it was going to happen," she said. "I think it’s different this time around because they’re both grown up together.

"Lockie’s now got his own business, it makes you mature and think about other stuff than just going out with your friends. He’s now exactly what she’s always wanted."

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