Tom Parker to replace Tina Hobley in The Jump

Tom Parker to replace Tina Hobley in The Jump

Tom Parker will replace Tina Hobley in 'The Jump' after she dislocated her elbow and fractured her arm in training.

The former Wanted singer, who has been on standby for the past three weeks, has been pulled in to take the 'Holby City' star's place in the competition after she was forced to withdraw following a nasty accident on the slopes in Austria.

But Tom has also been in the wars as he ripped the ligaments in his wrist last week when he took a tumble when he was practicing as a reserve on the winter sports show.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I've hurt my hand, yeah. We were practicing the air jump and I landed on my hand and pulled all of the tendons and ligaments in my wrist. That did actually really hurt. But we push on."

However, the 27-year-old hunk is adamant the injury won't stop him from slipping into his thermals and hitting the slopes.

Tom said before he landed the replacement gig: "I'd love to do the show because I had such a great time out there."

Meanwhile, Tina was left devastated last night (04.02.16) when she announced she had no choice but to leave the competition after she landed wrong during a ski jump.

Tina got distracted after members of the crew failed to vacate the landing area, and the show has now issued an apology for her accident and promised to draft in extra precautions.

Her right arm is now in a plaster cast and will take around six weeks to heal.