Tisha Merry: 'I hope people learn from my sexy photo plot'

Tisha Merry: 'I hope people learn from my sexy photo plot'

Coronation Street star Tisha Merry hopes her new storyline will convince women to think carefully before taking sexy photos of themselves.

The actress stars on the ITV soap as bistro barmaid Steph Britton, who is at the centre of a harrowing new storyline which sees her ex-boyfriend Jamie blackmailing her over some racy pictures she posed for. Tisha is proud to be involved in such an important plot, and she hopes it will bring the issue of revenge porn - when exes make private and intimate images public - to the fore.

"It’s the most invasive, embarrassing thing that could happen to a woman," she told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "I’m always very private but this story line has made me aware of the risks involved and the emotions you’d go through if it happened to you.”

Jamie is using the sexy snaps he has on his phone as a way of forcing Steph's brother Luke to do his bidding. The story line isn't farfetched, as there have been a number of cases of women having their lives turned upside down by vengeful ex-lovers, some of whom have even posted photographs on websites.

“Steph has a different view of social media at the end of it and I hope viewers might think twice about taking pictures like this after watching what she goes through," Tisha explained.

"You see the stress, the paranoia, the fear of everybody finding out. It would be enough for anybody to think, ‘I am not doing this.'"

The actress particularly hopes young people will take the storyline to heart, as she fears some students don't think carefully enough about the vast amount of information they post online about their lives.

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