This Morning to show live semen facial

This Morning to show live semen facial

ITV's 'This Morning' is set to test a facial made of semen live on air.

The "exciting new facial" follows a live vasectomy, as well as a '50 Shades of Grey'-inspired bondage lesson, and producers are searching for volunteers to bring samples of their partner's semen into the studio and then rub it all over their faces while on air.

Some experts believe human sperm is a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces wrinkles, and a Norwegian firm sells semen as a skincare range so 'This Morning' bosses now want agents to find UK participants to try it.

Producers emailed agents: "It involves using their partner's semen, so we'd need them to bring a sample."

Ofcom this week cleared the show, hosted by Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden, after 120 people complained about a 'Fifty Shades of Grey'-inspired bondage feature.

But ITV defended the facial idea, which is set to air on Monday (27.04.15), saying: "The team speak with a huge number of possible contributors each day."

The same episode of 'This Morning' will also feature TV personalty Davina McCall giving advice on how to stay focused and fit ahead of summer.