The 10 Gogglebox Ireland families we met tonight

Gogglebox Ireland kicked off tonight
Gogglebox Ireland kicked off tonight

Gogglebox Ireland kicked off on TV3 tonight. Here are the 10 families we met tonight.

1.    Cabra girls and best pals Jamie, Lindsay, Ashley and Grainne. All four are reality TV addicts and their ideal Friday night involves the sofa, the telly, a gossip session and copious amounts of white wine.  Sisters Lindsay and Ashley spent childhood holidays with Jamie as their Mums were best friends and, after Grainne joined the gang aged 12, they were inseparable.

2.    Szymon and Aga, originally from Poland but now living in Tallaght. The pair have been best friends since they met in college 16 years ago. Aga moved to Ireland from Poland in 2004, having completed her Masters Degree in Environmental Protection Science and went on to receive her PHD at UCD, while Simon arrived in 2007 to celebrate Halloween. He fell in love with the country and never left.
   The Gruffertys from County Kildare. Mum Laura and dad Des met 14 years ago when Des walked into Laura’s hairdressers for a trim and came out with her phone number! A house, wedding and four kids later, they’re happily settled in their hometown of Athy. Laura owns a hair and beauty salon in the town and won Best Salon in Ireland at the recent Irish Hair and Beauty Awards. A businesswoman with a strong work ethic, she has been able to pursue her dream while Des (or ‘Scruff’ as Laura affectionately calls him) takes care of the kids and their two Jack Russell dogs. Laura and Des are joined on the couch by their 12-year-old daughter, Danielle.
4.    Identical twins, Fergal and Neal Tully, who grew up on a farm in rural Cavan along with their three other brothers. They live a stone’s throw of one another and claim to chat with each other more than to their own wives.  Although they rarely see eye to eye, the pair have never had an argument in their entire lives. Neal is surrounded by women, as the father of three girls, two of which are teenagers. He’s been married 15 years and lives his life through the four ‘F’s - Football, Family, Friends and Fianna Fáil! 

Neal is very involved in the local community, from managing a few football teams to participating in the parish’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fundraiser for the second time. Fergal still works on the family pig and dairy farm. He’s also a family man with two girls and two boys, his youngest only a few weeks old. He’s described as ‘the witty one’ and loves nothing more than banking a load of sport and spending the day watching it all.  Neal is envious of Fergal’s Sky Sports package as a lot of viewing in his house revolves around ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’. 
5.    Angela and Eileen from Castleknock. They met at the local retirement club in the area. Eileen spotted newcomer Angela, offered her a seat beside her and the rest is history. Dubliner Angela moved back from Wexford a few years ago and enrolled as a mature student, studying Retail in Pearse College and winning two awards for public speaking. Eileen is originally from Kilkenny and spent most of her life as a Children’s and Psychiatric nurse. 
Since retiring, Eileen has been very active and takes advantage of her free travel pass, nipping into town for a coffee or on a mission to buy wool for her next knitting project.  Angela’s favourite TV programmes are ‘Midsomer Murders’, ‘Come Dine With Me’ and ‘Miss Marple’ but she hates ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The X Factor’.  Eileen loves to watch ‘Ear to the Ground’ and ‘The Chase’.

6.     The Adenugas moved to Navan in 2004 and quickly settled into the Meath community, with Mum Yemi becoming one of the most prominent female figures in African-Irish society. After a long career in broadcasting in her native Nigeria, she is now involved with the National Women's Council, Cultúr Migrants Centre and the African Women’s Development Initiative. Dad Deji is a renowned Nollywood actor, splitting his time between Ireland and movie sets in Nigeria. When he's not on stage or screen, he loves to travel and says Dubai is his all-time favourite place. His kids are his pride and joy.
Deji and Yemi's love story began in 1985 when he spotted her at choir practice in their church.  Although she was surrounded by her many sisters, he wasn't intimidated and began to chat her up - Yemi says he was a very brave man! They married in 1992 and settled into family life right away. Opinionated oldest daughter Loretta got married last year in a traditional ceremony in Nigeria. Now living in Drogheda with her husband, she still can’t get enough of her mam’s cooking and comes to her family home every evening after work for dinner. Junior Cert student Aishling is the only one of the four born in Ireland. She is a MASSIVE fan of One Direction - something her mother likes to slag her about at every opportunity.
Yemi enjoys religious TV along with current affairs shows and she used to be a soap addict when she first moved to Ireland. Loretta likes Strictly but, having gone off The X Factor in recent years, has resolved to get back to it this season. Aishling loves any kind of reality shows, especially the celeb versions. When he can get his hands on the remote, Deji likes to watch world news and current affairs, always keeping an eye on CNN.
7.     Despite an age gap of over twenty years, the two Pauls get on famously. They met several years ago at Paul Roche’s IT shop; the two bonded over a love of music and conversation - the rest is history. Paul Healy Roberts calls into Paul Roche’s  house about 3 times a week for a catch up and to watch a bit of telly. Paul Roche is originally from Kilkenny but came to visit Youghal 16 years ago and never looked back.  His main interest is music and he has played guitar all his life, recently giving up his IT shop to focus on his passion. 
Paul Healy Roberts grew up on a farm.  He has lived a “colourful” life with a variety of jobs, from running a restaurant to selling sandwiches outside a Michael Jackson concert. Paul is an avid competition player and once won a trip to New York with Gerry Ryan! Paul’s biggest love in life is donuts and Venice beach in California.  Paul Healy Roberts is a massive Vincent Browne fan and tends to stick to the terrestrial channels for his viewing. Paul Roche’s favourite shows are sitcoms, such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and a lot of David Attenborough. Together they enjoy The X Factor and talent shows.
8.   The Naughtons have a very close daughter / Dad relationship. All three are partial to a bit of theatre and are happy to be centre of attention. Dad Declan is originally from Ahascragh in Galway and is an HR Consultant. He enjoys theatre and was chair of the local Am Dram group for several years. Declan is also a big GAA fan and a devoted Galway supporter. Eldest daughter Sheila is in her final year at Trinity, studying Drama. As Theatre Registrar of The Phil Soc, the oldest debating society in the world, she has to give a comedy speech every week in front of an audience. 
Alice, the youngest, has just finished her Leaving Cert and, while she does enjoy Drama like her Dad and sister, Music and Art are where her talents lie. Declan is a loyal soap follower but also loves political programmes. Even though he hates reality TV, the girls always end up with control of the remote and he ends up watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. TV talent shows have become the household faves among the three; ‘The X Factor’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, ‘The Voice’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity’.
9.    Tracie and Anita grew up together in The Liberties, Dublin - their mothers were best friends and now their children are best friends. The two holiday together all the time, either heading to a mobile home in Donabate or taking an occasional trip to Spain. Anita reckons she’s the sister Tracie never had - she gets her, understands her and isn’t afraid to put her in her place. Tracie has a heart of gold but will fight your battles without hesitation if she needs to. 
Tracie works in a local shop and Anita works part-time hosting focus groups but they love nothing more than sending the kids out of the sitting room and sitting down to watch the telly. Tracie loves her pets Kenny ‘Dogleash’ and Bibby the Cat so much they have become members of the family. She gets addicted to ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ every year without fail. Anita’s favourites are old episodes of ‘The Bill’, panel shows and the soaps.
10.     The Ryans - Single Mum Eva and her two sons James and Alex live in Monaleen, Limerick. Although they have a very close relationship, she likes to mortify them at every possible opportunity!  In their spare time, Alex can be found skateboarding and James is usually preoccupied with the second love of his life (after his girlfriend)....his car. His souped up Mitsubishi Lancer is his pride and joy and he is such a Top Gear fanatic that he can recite any line from the show on cue. 

Both boys are studying Computer Science in Limerick IT. James built a PC from scratch and he and Alex can be found gaming in the evenings and teaching the family's shelter dog Fudge a few tricks. When Eva is not at choir practice or swimming, and the boys aren’t home, she likes to watch ‘The Late Late Show’ with a glass of wine. 
In the winter, the family has ‘Sunday at the Movies’ where they sit down together and watch a film. Eva loves US political shows like ‘The West Wing’, James is a big David Attenborough fan, Alex likes ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Fargo’ and they all enjoy ‘The X Factor’ on a Saturday night