Stevie Johnson visits strip clubs 'every couple of years'

Stevie Johnson visits strip clubs 'every couple of years'

'Made in Chelsea' star Stevie Johnson gets a lap dance "every couple of years".

The 26-year-old reality star has revealed that while he wouldn't advise people to visit strip clubs too often, he does enjoy the occasional lap dance.

He said: "I wouldn't recommend going regularly, but popping in for a lap dance every couple of years is OK. I went to one in Newcastle recently for my brother's stag do."

Stevie - who is now loved up with girlfriend Cressida Stewart - insists he could never date a stripper because he wouldn't like to see other men leering at his girlfriend.

He said: "I get quite jealous, so I wouldn't want my girl getting up in someone else's grill."

Speaking about what he avoids when it comes to women, he told Now magazine: "Turn offs in a girl are those who take themselves too seriously and wear too much make-up."

The MIC regular also claims that while he's become a bit of a heartthrob since joining the E4 show, his girlfriend isn't worried about him being unfaithful.

He gushed: "Cressida trusts me, I've played the field before but I'm very happy to be settled now. I adore her so much.

"We get a lot of attention when we go out, but she's pretty relaxed and trusts me."