Simon Gregson opens up about baby tragedy

Simon Gregson opens up about baby tragedy

Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson has opened up about the tragic circumstances surrounding his unborn baby.

In May Simon and wife Emma announced the impending arrival of their third child, with a funny picture on social media showing Emma with the word Baby written on her stomach, and Simon with Beer emblazoned across his gut.

However the happy news was tinged with tragedy, when the couple were told they were having twins, but only one survived.

"We had to keep going back to the unit, but sadly only one of the twins survived. We're very lucky to have this one, aren't we?" Emma said to Simon in OK! Magazine.

“Very lucky,” Simon answered.

The pair, who married in 2010, are already proud parents to sons Alfie, eight, and six-year-old Harry. Simon, who plays Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald, jokes that Emma had a devious way to convince him to have another little one.

“Women always get their own way... She got me drunk,” he laughed, adding that he’s happy to help her eat for two now she is pregnant.

“She feels guilty about eating 28 ice lollies, so I’ll eat 34 just to help her mentally.”

Simon and Emma are now making preparations for another boy to join the household, with Emma joking her sons will be the three amigos.

However she does admit that she would love to add a daughter to her brood.

“There was a little bit of me thinking inside that I would have loved a girl,” Emma revealed. "But I have loads of friends trying for a baby and they haven’t been as successful as us, so we are really grateful that I’m managing to carry a baby."

"I would love Emma to have a little girl. If I could pluck her from the stars and give her to Emma, I would. Never say never, I guess,” Simon added.

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