Shock in store for viewers as Katy's abductor set to be revealed on Fair City

Katy's disappearance has been a mystery
Katy's disappearance has been a mystery

FAIR City viewers will finally be put out of their misery and find out who abducted Katy O'Brien tonight.

The storyline involving the captured youngster has been slowly played out over the past week, with no less than five suspects being identified as being possibly behind her sudden disappearance.

She went missing without trace from Carrigstown last May and since then, has been held in a basement by a secret abductor.

But all will be revealed this evening in what’s set to be a real shocker for fans of the show as the mystery is finally solved.

Much of tonight’s episode will centre on the developing drama between Emmet and Tommy, who Katy discovered was having an affair with her mum Debbie just before the youngster went missing.

When Debbie rings in sick to work, Tommy takes the day off to look after her, but she insists that she wants to be left alone.

When Emmet checks in with Debbie to see how she is, she reveals how she found a folder with images of Katy in Tommy’s backpack.

He then texts Tommy to come around so he can finally get the truth out of him.

Things turn nasty between Tommy and Emmet after he grabs the rucksack and discovers the images for himself.

Although Tommy pleads with Emmet and Debbie that it’s not what it looks like, Emmet isn’t convinced.

His temper gets the better of him and things turn violent as he kicks Tommy to the ground in a bid to find out the truth.

Tommy then explains how he has a hunch that Katy could have wound up working in a brothel and was trying to get more information about it.

Speaking about the storyling, actor Daithi MacSuibhne (Emmet) shed some light on what’s been going on with his character recently as the pressure of losing Katy starts to take its toll on him.

“Things have been really getting on top of Emmet and between Tommy’s strange behaviour and Cathal’s constant taunting, it doesn’t take much to push him over the edge,” he said.

“Emmet is reluctant to believe that Tommy could have anything to do with Katy’s disappearance.

“But Rose has her suspicions and does her best to get him to do her dirty work.

“Hopefully he’ll get the answers he is looking for,” he added.