Scotty T: 'Jeremy and Stephanie shouldn't be in a relationship'

Scotty T: 'Jeremy and Stephanie shouldn't be in a relationship'

Scotty T has blasted his former Celebrity Big Brother housemates Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis for getting back together.

Irish hunk Jeremy and the former Hollyoaks actress grew close while on the reality show, despite Stephanie being in a relationship with male model Sam Reece. While things were turbulent in the house, their love life became far more complicated when the programme ended last month (16).

There have been numerous reports that the couple have split up and reunited and the pair have even admitted they've turned to couple's therapy in order to save their union, but Scotty doesn't think anything will help.

"I genuinely didn’t know they had split up," he told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "I hope they sort it out. I think they would be better not in a relationship."

"They should be like they were in the house, just having the craic and having fun. When everyone starts knowing your business in a relationship - that’s what ruins it."

Scotty, who became a national star thanks to his appearance in Geordie Shore, went on to criticise Jeremy for not being loyal to Stephanie, as it was recently revealed he had been unfaithful since leaving the house. Although Jeremy was quick to deny the claims, a girl he spent the night with confirmed them.

But the tattooed star appeared desperate to make amends, even jetting out to Majorca after Stephanie in an attempt for her to give him once last chance.

"Jeremy isn't the type of bloke to sleep around," Stephanie recently told Britain's OK! Magazine. "It was just a one-night stand and he did it because he knew how bad things got between us. He felt like that was the only way to draw a line under us."

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