Scotty T battles language barrier in Neighbours cameo

Scotty T battles language barrier in Neighbours cameo

Scotty T made a cameo appearance on Australian soap Neighbours on Thursday (12May16).

The 28-year-old is most famous for his raucous womanising behaviour on MTV reality show Geordie Shore. But Scotty, whose full name is Scott Timlin, swapped Newcastle for Erinsborough as he featured on the hit soap.

Scotty's scene saw him working out in the park when he was spotted by Matt Wilson's character Aaron Brennan, who propositioned him by saying: "I've just started my own little boutique business right, erm, and I was thinking we could really do with a guy like you."

However, Scotty was unimpressed with his suggestion, replying: "Woah, woah, woah. Here mate, I got a bird man, ya radgie!"

The language barrier proved a problem though and Aaron couldn't understand that Scotty had meant woman when he said "bird", and meant "radgie", slang for an aggressive person, in the derogatory way it is used in his native Newcastle.

So, failing to understand Scotty, Aaron continued: "Does your bird do any tricks or anything?" When Scotty, who looked entirely unamused, asked him: "Mate, what are ya cracking on about?", Aaron answered: "It's fine. If it doesn't do tricks I mean I can still represent your pet."

Scotty then told Aaron: "I'm off, jog on." Once again misunderstanding, Aaron then started jogging on the spot, pausing only to ask Scotty if he was doing it right.

Scotty filmed the scene last December (15), and admitted it was a drastic change from what he's used to.

"It was weird having to act, even though I was being myself," he said. "I used to watch it years ago."

However, a future in acting is something Scotty is very interested in, he admitted after he won Celebrity Big Brother in February (16).

"I'd like to get into films now. I can't say too much at this point but there have been a couple of offers put on the table," Scotty told The Sun newspaper. "I've had a little bit of experience, I did drama at school. I'm going to nail it."

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