Phillip Schofield 'loves working with ITV'

Phillip Schofield 'loves working with ITV'

Phillip Schofield has signed a new two-year deal with ITV, worth a reported £2 million.

The 53-year-old presenter hosts This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby, as well as hypnotism show You're Back In The Room. He revealed in a new interview that his time with the broadcaster isn't coming to an end anytime soon now that he has a new contract.

“We do two-year deals. I’ve signed the next one. I love working with the ITV team," he told The Sun newspaper. “You can never say never, whether ITV said 'thank you very much, it’s been amazing' and you go and play elsewhere or the other way round, but there’s certainly no plan. That would be a big day.”

Phillip added that any decision he did make about his future with ITV would be made alongside Holly. The pair are close friends as well as co-workers, and have made a pact that if they quit This Morning, they will do so as a duo.

"I would quit if Holly would," he added. "There’s no agenda there, it’s just the fact that we work together so well that the show’s successful. I think we’d probably both make the decision together and that’s always been the plan."

Phillip has coined the nickname 'Silver Fox' thanks to his good looks and lithe physique. Maintaining a slim figure hasn't come easy for Phillip over the years, but he has now managed to find a regime that works for him - the 5:2 diet, which sees five days of 'normal' eating and two of sticking to a 500-calorie diet.

"I’ve shrunk my appetite," he added, "Provided I don’t stuff myself senseless, my appetite got small and so my weight stayed the same. I got down to where I wanted to be and now I just manage it.

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