'Paying For Sex' documentary to be screened tonight

Kate McGrew in a still from the doc's trailer
Kate McGrew in a still from the doc's trailer

RTE's latest doc in the 'Reality Bites' strand will debate both sides of the decision to criminalise 'paying for sex'

The film, called 'Paying For Sex', will be screened tonight on RTE2 at 10pm.

It will feature sex worker Kate McGrew and prostitution survivor Rachel Moran as they recount their experiences of the sex trade and why they have different views about how the industry should be policed.

Kate believes that criminalising the buyers will make life harder for sex workers while Rachel has campaigned to bring in the law.

The show also features a socially-awkward young man who has no shame about availing of the services of sex-workers and explains his reasons reasons for doing so and why he is choosing to speak out against the incoming law as he believes it will be of detriment to sex workers.

Tom Meagher (husband of murder victim Jill) says why he has been campaigning for this law and explains the connection between his wife's murder and the misogyny that he believes lies at the heart of prostitution.

And a Dublin-born sex worker called Laura Lee talks about taking a crowd-funded case against the Northern Irish state for their implementation of similar laws there.  

Also featured is a young African woman, inducted into prostitution in Ireland after being raped as a homeless teen who tells why she believes the law is absolutely necessary while a young Irish sex-worker explains her reasons for choosing this type of work and why she believes criminalising her clients will make her working life less safe.

The Reality Bites strand has been one of RTE's strongest and most interesting documentary series so we expect this film to continue that trend.