One million tune in for RedRock’s UK debut

One million tune in for RedRock’s UK debut

Red Rock has captured the hearts of UK viewers after it premiered on BBC One in the UK yesterday.

An average of 1.1m viewers tuned in to watch the very first episode of the award winning drama on BBC One, commanding a share of 18.6% of the available viewing audience.

The critically acclaimed Irish drama made its debut in a 1.45pm afternoon slot on BBC One.

Commissioned by TV3, the show is executive produced by Ed Guiney of Element Pictures and John Yorke of Angel Station (previously Company Pictures).

Speaking about yesterday’s audience figures, Pat Kiely, Managing Director, TV3 Group said:

“These audience numbers show that great Irish television content will travel. They also demonstrate the export potential for the Irish production industry.

“We are delighted that viewers in the UK have taken to

“Red Rock’ so quickly. This is fantastic news for TV3 as we expand the business and increase our originated output.”