Nina Wadia to return to EastEnders

Nina Wadia to return to EastEnders

Nina Wadia wants to return to 'EastEnders'.

The 46-year-old actress waved goodbye to her bossy alter-ego Zainab Masood in 2013 following the explosive death of her on-screen husband Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti), who viciously abused her, but is keen to waltz back into Walford sometime in the near future following three years away.

Asked if she is going to return to the BBC One soap, she said: "If they asked me, I'd probably go back. I'd like to go back to funny storylines. I want to be funny again because they brought her in to be funny and then they gave her this domestic violence storyline.

"You can't come back funny from that and that's why I left because you can't be like, Hurrah, he's dead now, let's go back to fun Zainab. It doesn't work like that."

However, the brunette beauty, who played Zainab for six years, believes enough time has gone by since her departure and she could return to a more lighthearted storyline.

She explained on 'Loose Women' today (05.02.16): "Maybe there's enough of a gap now [since I left] but I'll leave it up to them [the show bosses] and the powers of the executives."