Nigella Lawson: Bake Off's too tough for me

Nigella Lawson: Bake Off's too tough for me

Nigella Lawson would never cook her buns for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as she dubs The Great British Bake Off "too complicated".

The cook is known for her suggestiveness in the kitchen, and has been a TV favourite for the past 16 years. BBC show Bake Off has seen the popularity of making cakes and breads soar, but Nigella doesn't think she'd fair well on the popular show.

"I wouldn't get on Bake Off, it's too complicated," Nigella laughed to the Radio Times. "I like baking in a homespun kind of way - if I make cookies, I don't expect them all to look the same. I'm not being modest; I'm a home cook.

"Well, it's not that it doesn't matter. I don't know if I take myself seriously enough. There's a circus act element, which really makes me cringe. I'm not actually a performer."

Despite becoming famous for her risqué cooking techniques, including finger licking and innuendos, the 55-year-old star insists her sexy chef image wasn't what she set out to achieve.

"My family wouldn't recognise that version of me," she admitted. "And people think I do double entendres most of the time. Usually I don't even understand what they're talking about. Really!"

She's also known for glamorous looks and a curvy figure, though this has lead to trolling online. Her weight has also been the subject of media scorn, but Nigella doesn't let it get her down as she's always maintained a healthy diet.

"If you have a perfectly normal, balanced diet nothing terrible is going to happen to you if you had a slice of cake on Saturday night," she sighed, adding that British people do have a tendency to eat too much sugar, but it's not her place to intervene.

"I'm a pretty shambolic person. I don't have the qualifications to say to people, 'You can't eat that, you can't eat this.' I'm not in a position to preach anything to anyone else."

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