Nathan Carter: Filming my new RTE One show was incredible fun

Would you recognise Nathan in this disguise?
Would you recognise Nathan in this disguise?

MY NEW TV series, The Nathan Carter Show, starts on RTE One tonight and you’ll see me performing as my alter ego - Paddy the Busker, from Skibbereen.

I absolutely loved recording some of the comedy segments that you’ll see during the series.

Paddy the Busker saw me turning up in disguise with a bit of a belly and wearing a wig, hat and glasses.

Then I went and busked outdoor for the crowd who were attending my Live at the Marquee concert this summer.

As the people walked by me I sang songs like Ring Of Fire with a Skibbereen accent and I sounded absolutely woeful.

Nobody gave me a second glance - in fact they couldn't get past me quick enough I sounded that bad.

However, one little guy did come up to me and asked: "Do you know any Nathan Carter songs?"

I nodded. Then he asked: "Do you do Wagon Wheel?"

So I started singing Wagon Wheel, all the while trying not to sound like myself, which was very hard to do.

At the end, I pulled the wig and glasses off and, to his shock, the little lad realised it was me.

It was a very funny moment and you can see it on tonight's show.

Rising Irish country music star Cliona Hagan will perform on tonight's show

There are some more pranks like that during the series. We had asked people to nominate fans of mine for a surprise, and they included a girl who works in a SuperValu store down in the midlands. Her family and friends came along and the surprise worked like a treat.

However, she was mortified that she was filmed for TV because she didn't have her make-up on that day!

I also surprised another fan who is a hairdresser. She got such a shock that she threw the hairbrush she was holding at the door…and hit me!

So, hopefully, you will all get the chance to tune in every Sunday night over the next few weeks and enjoy the show.

The new series of the Nathan Carter Show starts at 9.30pm on RTE One tonight