Mum's The Word for Baz and Nancy

Baz and Nancy
Baz and Nancy

On paper the idea of an hour-long show about a 40-year-old man with a funny name and his 72-year-old mum travelling around the world doesn’t sound like great TV.

But anyone who saw the first season of of 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy on Sky One will know that it was one of last year’s surprise highlights.

So, when it was announced that the pair were invited back for a 6-part second series (kicking off tomorrow night at 9pm) we had to sit down with the loveable pair for a proper chat.

Any notion that we may have had that their relationship was embellished for telly was soon discarded as we realised that Baz and Nancy are one of the funniest double acts we’ve ever met.

Mag+: The stand out scene in next week’s opening episode in The Philippines is definitely the segment at the notorious Cebu Provincial prison, made famous by the inmate’s YouTube clips of well-choreographed dance routines.

Baz: Yeah, it was a real coup. I knew we were trying to get but I didn’t know until very late on that we had secured access and that we would actually be dancing with hundreds of convicted murderers and drug dealers. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time. The inmates actually run the prison so while we had a few guards with us – technically we were guests of the inmates.

Nancy: It was actually great fun

Baz: There you go. No fear. Mum was walking around like it was Disneyland but I was quite nervous. I could hear her regularly just walking up to someone and just saying: ‘so, what are you in for?’ and I was thinking that if she asks the wrong inmate the wrong question we could be in trouble.

Mag+: Where else in Asia did you go?

Baz: We took mum to India and we made her go through the interview process to join the busiest call centre in India, which was hilarious.

Nancy (interrupting): “I did very well I’ll have you know.

Baz: Okay mum, don’t bark.

Nancy: I’m allowed brag Baz. I was better than you. I am very pleased with myself.

Baz: Look at her there all delighted. Seriously though, it was amazing to see her do that and do it well. She had to lie on her application form actually because the age bracket only went up to 56. But apart from that she would have been hired in a second.

Mag+: So what else can we look forward to seeing over the coming months?

Baz: It is pretty special actually. We got her to run a beach bar in Goa and she also DJ-ed in Cancun in Mexico at Spring Break.

Nancy: Now that was great fun.

Baz: She flew planes and helicopters in a few places and even went off with graffiti gangs in Mexico and learned how to tag.

Nancy: Yeah that was fun.

Baz: Basically anything that myself and the crew could think up we got her to do and she was brilliant.

Mag+: It sounds even better than season one, did you guys watch the first season together?

Baz: I don’t like to watch my shows for some reason. My family do but I don’t. So I just sat at home and followed people’s tweets about it. That’s weird I know. But it’s what I did. But mum had herself a party each week.

Nancy: It’s true. I go to the neighbours. They thought it was great and loved all the different things I got up to.

Mag+: Are you a celeb now in the neighbourhood?

Nancy: Ah no. Not like…(there’s a short pause)

Baz: Ha. I love it. Go on mam. Compare yourself to someone. Are you now higher or lower than Twink?

Nancy: No Baz. Stop it now will you? Yeah I watched it with the neighbours and they thought I was great. They couldn’t believe some of the things I did.

Baz: She has definitely become a celebrity. I’ve seen grown men in vans pull over and jump out to take a selfie with her.

Nancy: I’m not a celebrity Baz. Stop. The thing about me is that everyone has a mammy and can relate to me. It’s just a bit different on TV.

Mag+: We love our mammies in here but we reckon we would need some down time if we spent all our holidays together. Did you guys need breaks while filming?

Nancy: Oh my God I needed a lot of ‘me’ time. Whenever we weren’t filming I would tell Baz I’m heading off or I would enjoy the spa in the hotel. I love him dearly but I needed time away from him.

Baz (rolling his eyes): Yeah I’d be the same. But when we weren’t filming I had to go to meetings or plan the next trip. I didn’t have as much down time as the star here.

Mag+: Fair enough, having watched the first episode there are some lovely moments between the two of you where we get the impression you both grew closer?  

Baz: Absolutely. Well that is definitely the case. We wanted the viewers to become invested in this show. More so than the first series. If you think of it in real terms – it is just some guy and his mum.

Nancy: Or a mum and her son?

Mag+: Ha, well said Nancy.

Baz: Ha. Yeah we all know you are the star in the family mam. Give me a chance to talk here. What I was going to say before I was so rudely interrupted by Nancy is that the Danish are making a version of it and I have been in contact with the producers of the show. Apparently it is completely different because the mum is REALLY critical of the son and the footage and stunts become very different as a result. The beauty of this show is that everyone has a mum and can relate to myself and Nancy in a small way – but at the same time every single mum would react differently which makes it entertaining. I hope.

Mag+: So is Nancy a complete diva now?

Nancy: (laughs uncontrollably)

Baz: Well, we’re not quite at a bowl of brown M&Ms just yet, but she is a star.

Nancy: Ah stop. I’ll always be ‘Bazil’s mum’.

Mag+: Nice. So what is next for you Baz?

Baz: Well, nothing I can talk about now unfortunately. Between this series and The Fanatics I have got a great platform in the UK so we’ll see where that takes us. But I think in the next few months I will be able to talk about some work on Irish telly. And maybe then I’ll start heading towards ‘behind the camera’ work. It’s an age thing. I think it is natural to start moving behind the camera after a while. I’m not young anymore. I don’t want to go out pulling birds and drinking all night along.

Nancy: Ah Bazil – stop it.

Baz: Sorry mum. But it’s true. I’ve different motivations now. I’ve a missus. And a family. Things are different now. But I still love telly. I love the medium and I love if I can make people laugh or cry. It’s an incredible power.

Mag+: Finally Nancy – is there a highlight for you on this show?

Nancy: There sure is. (She glances at the Sky PR man in the corner as if she is about to reveal a state secret) My eldest grandchild Hannah is actually in the series this time around. In one of the later episodes I have to work as Santa’s elf in Lapland and Baz surprised me by bringing up Hannah. It was so special.

Baz: It was actually pretty cool. Hannah got to see the first ever human work as an elf. The first ever human and it was her nana. It was a big deal.

Nancy: It was magic. I can tell you now – that nearly killed me.

50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy kicks off on Sky One tomorrow night (Tuesday September 1st) at 9pm. The first season is currently available from Sky’s On Demand.