Michelle Keegan loves tanning her fiance

Michelle Keegan loves tanning her fiance

Michelle Keegan loves tanning Mark Wright.

The 'Ordinary Lies' actress is happy to give her fiance a bronzed glow at home but admits her efforts weren't good enough when he was competing on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

She said: "I did it all the time when he was on 'Strictly' but he was never brown enough - the professionals had to take over.

"I think he enjoyed it.

"So many men get their wives to put a cheeky bit of tan on them, and they actually look good and benefit from it."

Michelle regularly tans herself and has perfected her own technique over the years.

She explained: "I do it before I go to bed so it doesn't streak. I just spray it on my face in vertical lines from forehead to chin.

"When I wake up in the morning, I wash it off and it gives me a natural glow.

"I never do it in a rush and I always wait a while before putting on clothes, especially tight trousers or jeans. Sometimes I even use the hairdryer to speed things up."

The former 'Coronation Street' actress also relies on fake tan if she needs a body boost.

She told Look magazine: "I should exercise more... A good tan always makes me feel more toned though.

"When I feel a bit run down and I've got an event coming up, I tan. I used to go on sunbeds when I was younger but not anymore."