Mercedes Burns – Man claims he caught chlamydia from car exhaust

We've heard of car sex but this gives a whole new meaning to horny...
We've heard of car sex but this gives a whole new meaning to horny...

Apparently BMW stands for Burning in Men and Women, because a Jeremy Kyle guest has claimed that he caught an STI from a car exhaust.

Stuart (33) told ex-lover Sophie that he caught chlamydia from his car.  

The 33-year-old appeared on the show to challenge Sophie about the arrangements regarding his children.

Sophie said to Jeremy Kyle: ‘I got a test for chlamydia because I’m sure he cheated on me. I’ve stopped him seeing the kids because he hasn’t paid for them, and he keeps threatening me.’

Stuart brazenly claimed he caught chlamydia from the exhaust pipe of a car.

So what’s the wheel deal?

This isn’t the first time habitual liar Stuart has told a whopper. He previously told he was a paramedic and claimed Sophie had attacked his new girlfriend when in fact, his new girlfriend attacked his ex.

Although he claimed his ex is refusing to let him see his kid, but you auto know that he recently fled with his son and refused to give him back for five weeks. 

Stuart was obviously benz-ing the truth.

Sophie’s mum piped up, adding her 2 cents saying that Stuart only provides £10 a week to Sophie.

‘Speak when you’re spat at,’ Stuart said back.


Watch it here:

By Christy Laverty