Marco Pierre White Jr. banned from Celebrity Big Brother bash

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Marco Pierre White Jr. banned from Celebrity Big Brother bash

Marco Pierre White Jr. was allegedly banned from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' wrap party last month.

The 21-year-old star - who is the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White - was reportedly told to stay away from the boozy bash following the end of the series last week after he made some "vile threats" towards Georgina Leigh Cantwell.

Marco's fellow housemate Lateysha Grace wrote in her column for Star magazine: "Marco was banned from the bash because of the vile threats he made to Georgina."

Georgina was left fearing for her life last month when Marco launched a scathing verbal attack on her via Snapchat, in which he told her to kill herself and branded her a ****.

She said: "I am petrified about the final. I don't want to be around him, he comes across as unstable and I am worried from the way he's spoken about me that he could either hurt me or verbally abuse me. I am genuinely worried for my safety to be face to face with him as he's so volatile."

Meanwhile, Marco - who has documented himself doing drugs, tattooing himself and piercing his own cheek on his social networking site since he left the abode - quit rehab on Monday (01.08.16) following just a few days inside the centre.

Taking to his Snapchat account shortly after he left the complex, he said: "Out of rehab and playing Pokemon Go."