Making A Murderer lawyer to appear on Ray D'Arcy Show

Dean Strang
Dean Strang

Dean Strang, one of the lead defence attorneys in the hit Netflix US documentary series Making a Murderer, will be giving Ray his unique insight into a case that has gripped audiences both in Ireland and abroad.

Hopefully Ray will be able to get some answers to the case from Strang, as there are certainly plenty questions we would like answered.

Some of the investigation methods used by officers in the case were beyond bizarre, yet Steven Avery is now behind bars with seemingly little chance of being freed for a second time in his life.

It will also be interesting to find out whether Strang, along with his partner from the show Jerry Buting, will ever be involved in representing Avery again.

Strang should also be able to provide insight on the possibilty of Steven being released, as well as his own thoughts on who committed the murder (presuming he still believes his former client's innocence.)

Also featuring Angie Bowie, ex-wife of the late David Bowie and recent Celebrity Big Brother housemate, The Ray D’Arcy Show will air this Saturday 23 January, at 9.35pm, on RTÉ One.