Maisie Smith will 'consider' an EastEnders comeback

Maisie Smith will 'consider' an EastEnders comeback

Maisie Smith would "consider" returning to 'EastEnders'.

The 15-year-old actress, who played Patsy Palmer's on-screen daughter Tiffany Butcher in the soap, has admitted she was sad to leave the show in 2014 after six years, but is keeping the door opent o make a comeback in the future.

Speaking to the Digital Spy about the soap opera, the flame-haired beauty said: "I was there for over half of my life and it felt really weird to suddenly leave. It's introduced lots of different opportunities for me, but I would still consider going back because I loved it."

And the star believes her character made 'EastEnders' "more lively and wild".

She explained: "I just remember me being my cheeky self and causing so much mischief around the Square. I always found it so funny watching myself back. I think I just made the show more lively and wild, because I was such a cheeky character. I just remember running around the Square having fun.

"A lot of people have told me I was always one of their favourites. For a child, I did have quite a big role, but nothing too serious - it was just me being my cheeky self."

And Maisie - who released her debut single 'Good Thing' earlier this month - has revealed she would be open to starring in a movie or "any programme", so she can try to play different "types of character".

She said: "I'd like to do films, as I think that'd be something different for me. But any programme that would ask me, I'd love to try it out. I'd like to see which types of character I could play and show how versatile I can be.

"I'd love a career where I could express all of my passions - singing, dancing and acting. They're the three things that I love doing and I couldn't pick just one that I prefer."