Lysette Anthony's designer costume makes cast jealous

Lysette Anthony's designer costume makes cast jealous

Lysette Anthony's lavish wardrobe caused tension among her castmates when she arrived on 'Hollyoaks' last month.

The 52-year-old actress ruffled a few feathers when she rocked up to set a few weeks ago dressed head-to-toe in Prada for her new role as the ultra-glamorous Marnie Nightingale, while the rest of the cast on the Channel 4 soap were lumped with cheap unbranded items.

The former model - who branded the Face of the Eighties' by photographer David Bailey - explained: "They made a mistake of putting Prada in the screen test. Alex, our fantastic designer, said, 'Well, they wrote it in the script!' I can't complain about days at the office at the moment."

And her new on-screen lavish lifestyle isn't something Lysette, who joined the soap last month, is used to as she became a homeless single mother following her divorce from her third husband Simon Boswell in 2003.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: "It was middle class homelessness -- friends offered us things. We went from a big house to a spare room but that's not great when you have a six-year-old son. It was a very difficult time."

Meanwhile, Lysette is enjoying getting her teeth stuck into her role as Marnie and has warned no male is safe from the claws of her conniving alter-ego.

She said of her bolshie character: "I have a new saying, it's: 'the power of Milf, fasten your seat belt!' "