Love/Hate cat, McGregor and Tubridy himself on list of Late Late Show viewer complaints

Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show set
Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show set

A Freedom of Information request has revealed all the different things viewers of The Late Late Show have lodged complaints for over the last two years.

If you have ever searched for #LateLate on Twitter on a Friday night you will know that the show draws a huge amount of comment, good and bad, every time it is on.

But while a tweet is a quick thing to compose in the heat of the moment, to sit down and lodge a formal complaint about the show requires much more effort and Herald.ie have obtained a list of all those grievances put to RTE over the last two years.

One of the most complained about items was the appearance of the Love/Hate cat on the show. The feline's 'assassination' on the popular gangster drama caused a huge fuss so the following week it was brought onto the set of the Late Late to assure the public that it was not dead.

However, the cat seemed terrified to be in the studio and viewers were not happy. One wrote: 'The fact that it was allowed in the first place just boggles the mind. Bring a cat out of its environment and into a studio with few hundred people?" while another said it was: "a complete debacle and an utter disgrace".

Host Ryan Tubridy also got some stick.

"Is he the best you have?" the complaint to RTE said. "One of the worst interviewers in modern times but part of the clique so obviously safe in his job."

Another branded him as 'wooden'.

Other complaints focussed on the use of strobe lighting in the Toy Show, the views of Katie Hopkins when she appeared on the show, and the show with Conor McGregor and Hometown, which was called 'gutter trash'.

Most bizarrely, the appearance by Daniel O'Donnell's wife Majella, who had her head shaved on the show to raise money for a cancer cancer, was deemed a 'publicity stunt' by one viewer.