Louisa Lytton: 'I'd go back to The Jump this year!'

Louisa Lytton: 'I'd go back to The Jump this year!'

Louisa Lytton begged producers to let her back on The Jump when she was kicked off because she had so much more she wanted to learn.

The 27-year-old actress was the first to be sent home from the Channel 4 winter sports show when she failed to impress on the skeleton. The protocol for the programme means she was technically the reserve for the next week in case anyone else had to pull out due to injury. While she suffered a fracture in her hand during her time on the series, Louisa was desperate to get back on the programme.

"Even when I was kicked out the competition I was technically the reserve for next week, I couldn't go back in because of my injury but I was literally begging the producers like, 'Please let me go back in!'" Louisa explained during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday (15Feb16). "I feel like I'm missing out all the time. I was watching the show last night and I was literally on the phone to Becky (Adlington) the whole time and we were just like, 'It's so sad being home!' But I feel like I got to do the skeleton but then I was knocked out so there's so much more that I could have experienced that I wasn't able to."

Out of the 12 original contestants on the show, there are now only five left as the others have all suffered injuries which have forced them to withdraw from the competition. The Jump has come under fire from fans for being too dangerous and Channel 4 have undertaken a new review to ensure it's as safe as possible.

Louisa insists she never felt as though she was in any danger, though.

"I think for anyone at home watching the show, you're not there and you're not seeing the training we are having," she added. "I felt like I was in safe hands at all times. We are training with these people who are amazing. So of course for people like my mum and stuff at home, they're only seeing the dramatic falls... which is entertaining."

Louisa also offered fans an update on Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle, who broke her back when a stunt went horribly wrong on the show. Beth was forced to undergo surgery, but Louisa insists she is doing well.

"We are really good friends," she said. "I've spoken to her every day and she's in good spirits. She's doing really well - she's up, she's walking, she's good."

James 'Arg' Argent was knocked out of the competition on Sunday night (14Feb16), despite only having been back on the show for just a week.

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