Liz McClarnon is ready for children

Liz McClarnon is ready for children

Liz McClarnon is ready to have children.

The Atomic Kitten singer - whose bandmates Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton have nine children between them - previously insisted she didn't want a family yet, but she admitted she is now determined to have kids soon.

Liz - who has been dating an unnamed man for nine months - said: "I have always said I'm not keen on having children but I want babies now.

"I genuinely hate to admit it, but it is a biological thing. I'm 33 and have seen the Kittens have babies for a long time.

"I've told them I want to have a child and they haven't stopped joking around with me - they can't wait to see the fear on my face when I fall pregnant."

And the 'Whole Again' singer has been upfront with her partner about her desire to have children.

She added to Closer magazine: "Friends have been laughing, saying my new boyfriend could be the one to thaw my ice queen reputation.

"He knows I want kids - I like to lay down the law and he knows I am heading down that road."