Linda Robson: 'We'd love a Camilla cameo in Birds of a Feather!'

Linda Robson: 'We'd love a Camilla cameo in Birds of a Feather!'

Linda Robson is keen to get Camilla, Britain's Duchess of Cornwall, to do a cameo on Birds of a Feather.

The 57-year-old actress plays Tracey in the hit television show, which returned to screens in 2014. Back in September (15), Camilla visited the ITV studios to mark the network's 60th anniversary, and admitted she's a big fan of the comedy programme - which tells the story of three friends battling through the ups and downs of life.

"They had a 60 year celebration of ITV and Camilla was shown lots of programmes from the archive and she asked particularly to see Birds of a Feather!" Linda revealed during a chat on Lorraine on Wednesday morning (27Jan16).

Presenter Lorraine Kelly then asked Linda if she'd like to get Camilla to do a cameo, to which she replied: "Well, we have had a few people doing cameos!" referring to Lorraine's own appearance on the show in 2014.

Later in the interview, Lorraine brought up the subject again, with Linda finishing her sentence as she said: "We need to get Camilla... to do a cameo!"

Linda stars alongside Pauline Quirke and Lesley Joseph in the programme, and explained the trio have been through a lot together in the 26 years they have been collaborating.

"Births, marriages, deaths...." she listed. "And Pauline and I are nannies now so we send each other pictures of our grandchildren."

Linda's granddaughter Lila is nearly four, and the actress said she is already a big fan of Birds of a Feather, despite the often raunchy storylines. However, Lila can't quite understand why Linda is referred to by another moniker on the show.

"She's the apple of my eye," Linda smiled of Lila. "She keeps saying to me, 'Why are they calling you Tracey, Nanny?' She can't understand it. But she loves it - she sits and watches it now!"

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