Leah Bracknell went out for lunch after cancer prognosis

Leah Bracknell went out for lunch after cancer prognosis

Leah Bracknell went out for lunch after she was told she was dying.

The former 'Emmerdale' star - who was known for playing Zoe Tate - felt "angry" when she found out she had terminal lung cancer but didn't let the prognosis affect her day as she and her partner decided to devour a tasty meal before visiting a peaceful bird sanctuary.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Wednesday (12.10.16), she explained what she did after receiving her prognosis: "I went out for lunch. I went for a very slow walk. I'm not going to lie, I had to sit down a lot.

"But when I was at the hospital with my partner, I just thought, 'We could sit here crying, worrying' but I said, "Let's just go out, it's a really nice day. Let's go for a walk." We went out for a walk, we went to a bird sanctuary and was just around nature. It was a really nice time."

Since learning of her condition last month, the 52-year-old actress - who smoked occasionally, tried to follow a vegetarian diet and did regular yoga - is refusing to accept that she may die from the disease and is on a mission to raise cash for treatment at a cutting-edge German hospital.

She explained: "One doesn't ask, 'How long do you think I've got?' because you don't want to be boxed in to someone else's perspective. Where there's a will, there's a way. But I do need to crack on. I don't think I can afford to sit around. We're in the process."

And Leah - who has two children - is determined to remain optimistic.

She said: "I'm terribly optimistic. Of course I have moments when the reality hits. I think it's more about what you're leaving behind that I find difficult. We're all going to go somewhere glorious after, we hope."

Leah has already reached the £50,000 target on her fundraising page but she understands she's not the only person to have terminal cancer, so she's toying with the idea of setting up a blog to voice her thoughts and feelings.

She explained: "I'm thinking of setting up a blog ... just so there's room to have these discussions and I can bring in what I already do."