Jessica Raine refusing to play victims

Jessica Raine refusing to play victims

Jessica Raine doesn't want to play victims.

The 'Call the Midwife' actress is set to star alongside David Walliams in the BBC's new drama 'Agatha Christie: Partners in Crime' and admits she was attracted to the role of Tuppence Beresford in the TV adaptation of the novel 'The Secret Adversary' because of her confidence.

Jessica explained: "She's not a victim, or in any way put upon. Tuppence is a heroine - I had in mind Kathleen Turner in 'Romancing the Stone' - and she hasn't had to overcome horrific sexual abuse to get there."

The 32-year-old star has previously criticised crime dramas for an over-reliance on violence against women and was thrilled this part was different.

She told Radio Times magazine: "It's become a top priority for me to try only to accept parts where the women is three-dimensional. It's easy to talk about 'strong female characters', but it's not about being strong, it's about being real, and with Tuppence, it was about being someone who is confident, front-footed, nosey and witty. She's a celever, resourceful woman who's always pushing, and I found that really rubbed off on me. In my own life, I found I was more open to adventure."