Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis to get matching tattoos

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis to get matching tattoos

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are getting matching tattoos.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' couple - who have embarked on a tumultuous relationship since leaving the house last month - may have only been dating eight weeks but have agreed to get a "creepy" inking of Oasis' 'Live Forever' lyrics on their body to prove their love for one another.

Jeremy explained: "We are getting a tattoo next week. Not names. We are getting Oasis' 'Live Forever'. We are going to get Oasis 'Live Forever' because the song: 'Maybe you're the same as me. We see things they'll never see. You and I are going to live forever.' That quote because in the house we both kind of just adapted to each other."

And, although the couple don't want to get each other's names carved into their flesh, the former 'Hollyoaks' actress - who split with her now-ex-boyfriend Sam Reece after he watched her relationship with the hunk flourish on screen - is keen to get Jeremy's initial on the end.

She teased: "We are going to get a little initial at the end, but we have got a little saying."

The pair is yet to decide where to get their intimate inkings but the Irish hunk, 26 - who is covered in tattoos - has ruled out his wedding finger as it's already covered with colour.

Asked whether he'll get the tattoo on his wedding finger, he said while appearing on 'Loose Women' today (26.02.16): "I would but I've already got a tattoo there. I could get the 'S' for Stephanie, but we will see what happens."