Irish actress to star in new Netflix show

Ruth Kearney
Ruth Kearney

Feast your eyes on the stunning Irish actress who is about to become one of the country’s biggest names.

Ruth Kearney has been slowly building up her CV over the past five years and on March 11 will play the lead in the highly anticipated Netflix romantic comedy Flaked.

The 8-part series stars Arrested Development’s Will Arnett who engages in an affair with the Dubliner’s character.

Set in Venice, California, the 31 year old plays a waitress called London who is at the centre of the show’s love triangle.

It will be the first time that Kearney will lead the cast in a major show after memorable ensemble roles ITV’s Primeval, Fox’s Tyrant (shown on RTE Two last year) and season 3 of Sky Atlantic’s The Following.

An insider exclusively told the Sunday World: “We have been trying to keep Ruth a secret ever since we signed her to play this role. She has the wow factor and there is no doubt she will be a huge star.

“Her character gets into a bit of trouble with Will’s character so she is paramount to the whole show. From what I’ve seen of it she is going to be a household name with months here in Ireland.

“She is not only brilliant in this - she is absolutely beautiful. This will not be her last lead role.”

Kearney has been dating English movie hunk Theo James since 2010 and travelled with him on the Divergent premiere tour in 2014, in between her own work commitments.

While the likes of Charlene McKenna, Ruth Bradley, Charlie Murphy and Sarah Aoibhinn McGinnitty have been plying their trade here in Ireland on a series of hits like Love/Hate, Rebellion, Charlie and Raw, Kearney decided to try and crack England and the US.

Born and raised in Monkstown in Dublin, the blonde beauty went to St Andrew’s College in Booterstown before graduating from the Bristol Old Vic in 2009 and immediately landing the 2-year-long role of Jess Parker in Primeval.

She also appeared in BBC’s Holby City and Gracie as well as ITV’s Fast Freddie. 

In 2014 the star flew to Israel to take on her role in Fox FX political drama Tyrant before moving to New York to try her luck there.

It wasn’t long before she was snapped up to play the brilliant, yet evil, Daisy in series 3 of The Following opposite Kevin Bacon.

Her new show is the latest in a long line of Netflix programmes to be streamed exclusively to their millions of subscribers around the world.

Still thriving on the unexpected success of Making A Murderer, the streaming site is has the return of mammoth shows Narcos, House of Cards, Daredevil, Orange is the New Black, Marco Polo and Better Call Saul as well as new additions Degrassi, Fuller House and Chelsea Does.