How much actors on popular soap Red Rock are paid revealed

Red Rock has been enjoying a run of critical acclaim
Red Rock has been enjoying a run of critical acclaim

Red Rock actors are paid less than their counterparts on rival soap Fair City.

The Herald has learned that the stars of Red Rock produce the goods on set for around €344 per day - 25pc less than Fair City actors, who are paid €459 for a day shift.

RTE's daily rate for actors on the long-running show was revealed earlier this year under the Freedom of Information Act.

The state broadcaster came in for much scrutiny when it emerged that the total bill per episode was around €55,000.

In Ballymount, TV3 execs have invested €7m into their first foray into soapland and Red Rock has been enjoying a run of critical acclaim recently.

The show looks set to be filmed all year round next year, forgoing a summer break, but it is not clear how much actors stand to earn from any extended periods of filming.

An episode of the show is usually filmed in two days but no details about the show's schedule on its return to screens in September will be revealed until TV3's autumn launch.

At the moment, the actors are on a break from filming for the summer and may pursue independent projects.

The last series ended on a cliffhanger, with viewers left wondering who was behind dodgy cop Brian McGonigle's murder.

Red Rock producers refused to comment on actors' pay.

An industry source pointed to the fact that the staff work a lot harder to produce a high quality show without the "luxury" of state funds and ad revenue. Competition has been stiff between the two Irish soaps since the TV3 drama hit Irish screens in January 2015, despite the shows being aired on different days.

Red Rock has picked up three Irish Film and TV Awards (IFTA), including the gong for 'best soap'.

It's quality will be tested overseas when it will launch on BBC One next Monday at 1.45pm, in a slot usually occupied by Doctors. Red Rock has also been picked up by Amazon in the US.

The show's producer Gareth Philips has previously worked on Coronation Street and Hollyoaks.