Holly Willoughby's food fear in front of Duchess Catherine

Holly Willoughby's food fear in front of Duchess Catherine

Holly Willoughby was terrified of getting food in her teeth when she met the Duchess of Cambridge.

The 34-year-old TV presenter has been a long-time admirer of Catherine - the wife of Prince William - and got to sit with her at the Fostering Excellence Awards in London on Tuesday (17.11.15).

Holly admits she was nervous about getting to speak with Catherine - previously known as Kate Middleton - but was most worried about nibbling on a sandwich and being left with unsightly food between her gnashers in front of her.

Discussing her meeting with the royal on 'This Morning' with her co-host Phillip Schofield, Holly revealed: "It was very exciting, I was presenting the annual Fostering Excellence Awards. It was a really lovely night, I met incredible people, and yes, the Duchess of Cambridge was there, we had a bit of tea! She spent a very long time going around every table talking to people ... I got a bit nervous and kept talking! And do you know what I was talking about? This is so me! There was a plate of sandwiches in front of us and nobody wanted to eat as they were all too nervous to eat before she came over, so I said, 'When are we allowed to start eating, we are really scared we're going to get cress in our teeth ... I've only just remembered that!"

Before they chatted, Holly was concerned her meeting with her idol would disappoint - but she need not have worried because Catherine, 33, was "amazing".

She added: "You know I always speak about her an awful lot, I'm a huge fan of hers - and my mum was with me - and she was just so amazing. I know they always say don't meet the people you hold up high, but I have to say, she didn't disappoint."