Holly Hagan on Geordie Shore star's surgical alterations

Holly Hagan on Geordie Shore star's surgical alterations

Chloe Ferry went "too far" with the plastic surgery she chose to have, Holly Hagan has insisted.

All the girls on MTV reality show Geordie Shore are partial to going under the surgeon's knife - Charlotte Crosby recently had a nose job while Holly herself has admitted to having lip enhancements in the past.

However, Holly thinks her 21-year-old co-star Chloe went overboard with the procedures she had.

"Chloe's such a beautiful girl and when she came into the show she was so young she never even had acrylic nails before - and she came into the show and saw everything we’d had done and she literally went out and got it all," Holly told MailOnline.

"Whereas the rest of us took it really slowly her transformation was very quick, very in your face and very noticeable."

Holly is just thankful that the majority of Chloe's surgeries will fade after time. In particular, her enlarged lips have already started returning to a normal size.

"I do think she (Chloe) looks great and she's toned the lips down a little bit which is a good thing," Holly added. "Luckily these things that she’s getting done aren’t permanent. Things will go down and things will settle.

"She does look great at the minute now that everything's kind of settled down but I think at one point she did go a little bit too far."

Holly found herself the victim of internet trolls last weekend when she stepped out looking vastly different to her former appearance, with one person commenting on Facebook: "Can see the plastic surgery a mile off they don't even look like the same people anymore."

Holly, 23, had the perfect response when she wrote: "I hope so, it was bl**dy expensive."

However, despite her quip, Holly admits she does feel hurt when she is attacked by trolls.

"Nothing can prepare you for having nasty people say stuff about the way you look," she said. "It used to get to me quite a bit now I try not to listen to it. You never get a pretty person actually writing a nasty comment that just wouldn’t happen. It's people who are self conscious about themselves and try to put others down to make themselves feel better. It's quite sad really."

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