Gerald Kean says he'll continue to smoke his favourite cigars

Gerald Kean: "I will enjoy the odd one. I’m not addicted"
Gerald Kean: "I will enjoy the odd one. I’m not addicted"

CELEBRITY lawyer Gerald Kean insists he will continue to smoke his favourite cigars – despite being warned on Celebrity Operation Transformation to immediately give them up or they will kill him

Doctors on the RTE discovered that the lawyer to the stars had severe pulmonary blockages, and blamed his smoking habit for being the major cause.

Gerald (58) admitted to them that he smokes a large cigar for an hour and a half each evening back at home at his mansion, Drayton Manor, in Co Wicklow.

He told the Sunday World that he will not give up his beloved cigars, but will cut down on them.

“I haven’t had a cigar in the last four weeks, I haven’t had a glass of wine in the last four weeks,” he reveals. “I don’t miss either. I will go back to having a glass of wine and doing as I’ve always done, which is very moderate. I’m not a heavy drinker.

“And I will go back to having a good meal with steak and chips, but the difference is that it will be infrequent enough and I hope it will be followed by exercise. I’ve no balance.

“In relation to cigars, I haven’t smoked any in the past few weeks. I’m not ruling out I will have a cigar at some stage in the future, but instead of having eight a week I will probably have six a year if that makes sense.

“I had already been attending a doctor, one of the best respiratory doctors in the country in Harry Beauchamp in the Blackrock Clinic.

“He told me just cut down on them, and if you could give them up. But the odd one I’m not going to give up. I will enjoy the odd one. I’m not addicted. I don’t have withdrawal symptoms. I enjoy.”

The legal eagle has already amazed experts on the show by shedding an astonishing one stone, three pounds after just one week.

That has brought his weight down from 19 stone seven pounds to 18 stone four pounds.

But the panel on the show turned on Gerald and warned him he was losing too much fat too fast and to ‘calm things down’.

“Gerald was really peeved at their comments,” claims an insider. “He points out that TV3’s Elaine Crowley lost a similar amount, one stone two pounds, even with a bad back, yet they heaped praise on her.”

However, Gerald says he is “delighted” to take part in the three week programme – which also stars comedians Karl Spain and Katherine Lynch and broadcaster Brenda Donohoe.

“My problem is everyone has a different body structure,” explains Gerald. “I will always lose a stone in a week. It’s not that, it’s the next stage that will be harder, so I’m not going to lose another stone, I will be lucky if I can reach my target, which is three pounds.

“I stuck to the plan and I’m sticking with the plan again. There’s no communication between the experts. I think somebody sees me on a treadmill with the perspiration rolling off me.

“It looked as if I was there for three hours. That was after 11 minutes. That’s how unfit I am. So it’s not a question of me overdoing. I’m always thinking there’s always a degree of flexibility.”

He says he entered the programme to “genuinely get fit”.

“It’s when I’m asked in February or March, that’s when I want to know how Operation Transformation did,” he points out. “It’s keeping its down that’s the problem, that’s what I need to do.  Any my advice is to everybody is take your time.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done exercise in the last 20 years. I’m not sore, I’m resting, I’m not stiff, I’m not injured, so I don’t know where this overdoing it is, I think it’s because he saw me sweating on a machine or something.

“First of all I was fat. Secondly it was all my own fault and thirdly I ended up with type two diabetes. It’s all my own fault, its nobody else’s fault.

“I wouldn’t be snacking every night, but I was eating very rich food, too much of it, too often, every day with no exercise.

“I tried to do it for a while and it worked then I gave it up. I wasn’t focused enough, this time I’m much more focused. I didn’t put it top priority. To me having a nice meal was enjoying life.

“I very rarely went walking. In the last few years I got lazy and I knew I needed to do something and this was the programme to help me.”

He admits he has never been heavier than he is now.

“The heaviest I ever weighed myself was on the show,” he concurs. “When I was a young fellow I was a skit, tall and skinny, you could have been talking about 11 or 12 stone, but that’s 35 or 40 years ago.”