Next week's Bake Off set to be 'toughest yet'

Next week's Bake Off set to be 'toughest yet'

Mary Berry thinks the Great British Bake Off's Victorian Week is "an interesting and fresh challenge."

The hit BBC One baking show will go back in time next week as the six remaining contestants attempt to make goodies the Victorians enjoyed. A lot of the recipes include ingredients that are no longer readily available, and Mary and fellow judge Paul Hollywood think it's the toughest challenge yet.

"There was no soft baking fat, they had to use the ingredients that they would’ve been able to get at the time. It’s a very interesting and fresh challenge," Mary told British newspaper The Sun, before Paul added: "Victorian week was a tricky week. We gave them ingredients that would have only been available at the time.”

The contestants won't have any modern cheats and will have to deal with things like hard butter. The outlet also revealed that the signature dish will be game pie, while the technical challenge, which often throws the amateur bakers as they blind bake a recipe, will be a fruit cake from the 1800s.

However it's the showstopper that gave the participants the biggest headache. The Charlotte Russe, which was a massively popular dessert in the Victorian era, has bavarois in its centre, a kind of set custard, which is surrounded by sponge fingers and topped with jelly.

And it's the latter that the bakers really struggled with.

"Mary and Paul decided to introduce something completely new," a show insider added. "It pushes the bakers to their absolute limit and most of them really struggle to cope.”

Last night's pastry episode saw Alvin Magallanes sent home after his vol-au-vents and Cypriot flaounes failed to impress Paul and Mary.

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