Gaz Beadle cheats with Charlotte Crosby

Gaz Beadle cheats with Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby was still sleeping with Gaz Beadle when he began dating his new girlfriend.

The 'Geordie Shore' star - who has always claimed co-star Gaz Beadle and herself are "friends with benefits" - insists the pair were still being intimate when he began dating his new girlfriend, Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Charlotte confessed: "None of this was explained on the show but Gary had lied all about him and Lillie. They'd been together while he was still having sex with me."

Last month in an emotional episode of the MTV show, Gary was seen telling a tearful Charlotte that he was moving on to a committed relationship with Lillie.

Speaking to TV Biz, the 25-year-old star said: "There's this whole love between me and Gary that's created on the show which is all edited and put together so nicely.

"He's told to say lines and the producer will be like 'Come on, everyone will love it - it's for the fans.' But I don't speak to that boy outside the house. That's not love."

Gary claims that he has bedded more than 1,000 women and Lillie is said to be the woman to finally tame him, however Charlotte doesn't think their relationship will last long.

She said: "Gary could get into an accident now and break his neck. I don't care.

"He'll get really bored and he'll hate that so then he might finish with her, then string her along. He's a good actor, like making people believe he ever cared for me."