Gaybo's company records large boost in profits

Gaybo's company had another good year
Gaybo's company had another good year

Legendary broadcaster Gay Byrne's company made a very handsome profit last year, meaning the financial troubles suffered by the 81-year old are now well behind him.

The figures lodged by Byrne's Gabbro Ltd with the Companies Office show that even in semi-retirement, Gaybo was running a very profitable media business through his work with RTÉ.

The new accounts show that profits at the firm in the eight months to the end of December last jumped by €52,223 going from €502,358 to €554,581.

This followed the firm recording an €87,571 jump in profits in the 12 months to the end of April 2014.

The accounts show that in the eight months to the end of December, the cash pile at the firm increased from €360,816 to €413,391.

In addition, the firm also had financial assets valued at €153,819.

Byrne hosts the popular 'Meaning of Life' interview series on RTE 1 and his Lyric FM Sunday radio show was also a hit with the listeners.

The former Late Late Show host was hit hard by the financial crisis as he had invested heavily in bank shares, which he said were 'wiped out' after the crash.