Fleur East wants Disney proposal

Fleur East wants Disney proposal

The X Factor's Fleur East hopes her boyfriend will take tips from Disney when he proposes.

The singer was the runner up in the 2014 series of the show, and has gone on to enjoy great success with her track Sax and debut album Love, Sax and Flashbacks. Her personal life is going just as well and she is already thinking about what it will feel like to be engaged to her boyfriend Marcel Robin.

"I'm a massive fan of Disney. I grew up on Disney, the whole fairytale thing is my ideal, so I always imagine that I'll get proposed to," she laughed to Pride magazine. "Glass slippers and everything!"

Marcel is a fashion designer and is just as dedicated to his career as Fleur. That's one of the reasons why they work so well together, plus he is always on hand to ensure his 28-year-old girlfriend looks stylish.

"We're going strong. It's good because he's so busy and passionate about his fashion line and I'm doing my music so we're both fighting to where we want to be. So we share that passion," she explained.

"We spend a lot of time shopping together. Picking out outfits, we love it. He's so technical about it because he's really into the fashion world, so I learn so much from him."

Fleur has a clothing collaboration with UK retailer Lipsy coming out, so it's likely Marcel has been able to give her some tips on making it in fashion.

Not everything about her new life is easy though. Fleur's schedule is jam packed, which means finding time to see her friends and family can be hard - so she's resorted to scheduling them into her diary.

"It's come to the point where I have to book in! I phone my mum and say, 'Mum. when are you free, when can I come round? Can you make some Jollof rice for me?'" she laughed. "And then I book in a time, and she has to go and buy the meat, and we make it like a date. It's crazy. But I talk to them on the phone all the time."

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