Five things guaranteed to happen on the Toy Show this year

Tubs in one of his famous jumpers
Tubs in one of his famous jumpers

Make no mistake; there are some traditions that will never go away

For most Irish people, Christmas only officially starts once the Toy Show airs on RTÉ.

Since the Christmas special debuted in 1975, it has become a cultural institution on Irish T.V.

Viewers, both adults and children, tune in their hundreds of thousands to catch a glimpse of the latest gifts and gadgets out for the Christmas season.

But it's not just the toys people tune in for.

Every year, viewers are guaranteed that certain water cooler moments will occur.

Here are five things that will certain to happen on  tonight's show.


Ryan Tubridy's jumper

Since taking over hosting duties from Pat Kenny, Ryan has donned a traditional Christmas jumper for each show.

Rumour has it we will see a number of different jumpers on Tubs this year, including the one in the main image above.

A child gets ''surprised' by their hero

Who else could forget little Domhall being left speechless when his favourite footballer hobbled out on crutches to greet him?

Or when these guys performed 'Superheroes' by The Script and had a very special judge give his verdict?


A mid show performance by an Irish group or relatively popular British pop band


A song and musical number by ridiculously talented children


And of course, a child who inevitably steals the entire show

There's not one person in Ireland who doesn't know what an 'horologist' is thanks to John Joe Brennan

Even Douglas was a fan of Ryan's Christmas get up

And let's not forget the child who couldn't find any craic on the show.