Fans set to be 'thrilled' with new slot for Corrie episode

Sixth episode will begin next year
Sixth episode will begin next year

As the build up continues to the sixth weekly episode, the ITV's head honcho has said that he is confident that fans will be thrilled with the new time slot.

Speaking in Edinburgh, ITV’s boss Kevin Lygo said: ‘Obviously I’m not going to tell you where it’s going, but it’s going to go in a marvellous place that everybody’s going to be thrilled with.’

The change, announced earlier this year, won't happen until next year.

There has been much speculation about where the network will fit in another 30 minutes of soap into a packed schedule, with many fans believing that the Sunday show will return.

Lygo also said: ‘It’s not going to come in until much later next year, because I wanted to get it absolutely right. One thing is for sure, I can’t muck about with Coronation Street. It’s arguably the most important show on the channel.

‘So an extra episode is great if you’re a Coronation Street fan, which I am, but it needs to be very carefully handled in the production sense. I can’t tell you the complexities of going from five episodes to six, it’s weirdly disproportionate.

‘I’m very fortunate in having Kate Oates, who’s the new producer of the Street, who has come over from Emmerdale where they’ve been making six episodes for several years now. It involves quite a change in production.’