Emmerdale Marlon's life is 'unravelling around him'

Emmerdale Marlon's life is 'unravelling around him'

Mark Charnock admits his 'Emmerdale' character Marlon Dingle's life is "unravelling around him".

The 47-year-old soap star has revealed that when his character and his alcoholic wife Laurel come back from their holiday they're "on top of the world", but "things go from bad to worse" in in the episode that will air on Thursday night (23.04.15) episode, when she is rushed to hospital in a drunken stupor.

Mark - who has been in 'Emmerdale' for nearly 20 years - said: "Marlon's life is unravelling around him, and he didn't even know why to begin with. But when he and Laurel come back from their short break, they both think it's a turning point - they're on top of the world. Marlon's confident they can work it all out, but then things go from bad to worse."

Mark also said that he's "lucky" to be working with Charlotte Bellamy - who plays Laurel - as the pair are "really good mates".

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, he said: "It helps that Charlotte and I are really good mates, and that's not going to change. This is a great plot to be a part of, and Charlotte is a fantastic actress. I've been lucky to have worked with her for as long as I have. She's hit the ground running with this storyline and has been amazing."