Duncan Bannatyne argues with Lady Colin Campbell

Duncan Bannatyne argues with Lady Colin Campbell

Duncan Bannatyne clashed with Lady Colin Campbell over a tin of tomato soup on tonight's episode (21.11.15) of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here'.

The 'Dragons' Den' star fell out with the 66-year-old socialite over her decision, as camp leader, to use the camp's Dingo Dollars to buy the tinned food.

She said: "Shall we all agree that we offer [the Snake Rock team] quarter of the tomato soup?"

To which Duncan replied: "No, they can have the whole bloody tin, they've been starving for three days, we've got the banquet.

"It's a tin of bloody soup, one tin, end of story. You don't believe in democracy? It's your way or nothing. What a nasty woman you are."

Meanwhile, whilst some of the campmates gorged on a banquet, Susannah Constantine, Yvette Fielding, Brian Friedman, George Shelley and Jorgie Porter faced the Trailer of Terror to earn their meals.

In the terrifying trial, they were joined by spiders, snakes and cockroaches and were forced to endure a video of their fellow campmates enjoying their suckling pig, cheese and grapes.

In tonight's episode (21.11.15), Vicky Pattison and Tony Hadley also successfully completed the Dingo Dollar challenge where they won six doughnuts for the camp.