Denise Van Outen will host new weight loss TV series

Denise Van Outen will host new weight loss TV series

Denise Van Outen is to host a new weight loss documentary.

The 40-year-old actress - who has recently just joined the cast of BBC One soap 'EastEnders' - will embark on an intense journey as the presenter of a fly-on-the-wall weight loss documentary series.

Denise will be working with the women from the positive body campaign 'Real Lives' to help the dieters lose weight.

The show will follow participants as they allow cameras to film their every move, capturing the very real highs and lows of losing weight.

The blonde beauty said: "I'm very excited to host the XLS-MEDICAL documentary series; not only is it a fantastic opportunity for people to lose weight, I know it will make for compelling viewing as so many of us can identify with the trials and tribulations of weight loss."

The show will chart the successes and struggles each participant experiences, as they begin their weight loss mission.

The documentary also hopes to inspire others to make their own healthy life change.

Denise continued: "Having taken a real interest in getting to know how the product works too, I know that using XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength is a safe and clinically proven way to lose weight when it's combined with a healthy lifestyle - so much so that I have even got my mum using the product now!"

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