Danny Dyer talks EastEnders Christmas scenes

Danny Dyer talks EastEnders Christmas scenes

Danny Dyer has let a huge EastEnders Christmas storyline slip during a TV interview.

The cockney actor stars as Mick Carter in the soap, whose partner Linda (Kellie Bright) was raped by Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo). Although Danny stopped short of giving an entire plot line away, he did hint that things between Mick and Dean will come to a head over the festive season.

"I'm not allowed to give too much away. They said, 'We're gonna leave you this Christmas because last year we put it on you', but New Year's Day, here we f**king go," he told UK talk show host Jonathan Ross, also opening up about his character's impending nuptials.

"It's an EastEnders wedding so it's f**ked straight away, it's not going to be happy but it's another gift for me as an actor. I have to wear a wetsuit so that says something, there's water involved! It starts off lovely and then goes a bit bandy."

There have been many rumours about how the Mick and Dean situation will be resolved, with some even suggesting Mick will kill the younger character. Danny is staying quiet on specifics, but revealed there is a lot of turmoil in store.

"If I tell you now what happens then I will get nothing but aggro as soon as I walk off the stage and get sacked," he said.

On a lighter note the star was happy to discuss his on-screen stag party. Show bosses allowed him to come up with ideas for the sequences, so Danny immediately seized on the opportunity.

"I’ve filmed my stag do too, it’s brilliant, they gave me free reign with that," he explained. "I have it in the Vic (pub) and it’s my ultimate stag do. What you see on screen is what I would like to do.”

It could soon be a case of life imitating art as Danny and his real-life partner Jo are preparing to tie the knot too. Not everything is going quite to plan though, with the actor admitting he and his fiancée had been arguing just before his TV interview.

"It’s the woman’s day," he insisted. "I’d rather go to the registry office, couple of vol-au-vent laid out, boom, done, she wants to have a massive day. I did an interview recently and said I knew nothing about it, I said her in doors would sort it out and now she’s got the hump.”

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