Chris Packham is cleared of assault

Chris Packham is cleared of assault

Chris Packham has been cleared of assault.

The 55-year-old television presenter has reportedly had the claims made against him dropped, which accused him of retaliating with force when two men began to shove him and his film crew while they were making an independent documentary 'Malta: Massacre on Migration' on illegal birds on the Maltese island of Gozo on Tuesday (17.04.17), according to BBC News.

The 'Springwatch' star is believed to have appeared in court in Malta on Thursday (19.04.17), where he pleaded his innocence, denied all of allegations and insisted he was in fact the victim.

The star was thought to be filming on the roadside when the males approached him and his production team and allegedly began to "shove" them.

In a statement, his agent explained: "Whilst filming an interview on the public roadside, a vehicle appeared and two men jumped out shouting at Chris and his team, shoving them aggressively.

"Whilst Chris and the team stood back, the police joined them. Instead of intervening on behalf of the innocent parties, the police immediately took the side of the aggressors and manhandled Chris and other members of the team off the site."

Chris previously took to social media to share a short video in which he gave his version of events, revealing he had been charged with "using force against any person, with an intent to insult, annoy or hurt them".

He added: "I am completely innocent of these charges. Not only was I the victim of being pushed and jostled around I was also then pushed all the way up the street by a policeman."