Chris Evans 'preparing for new allegations of volatility'

Chris Evans 'preparing for new allegations of volatility'

Top Gear's Chris Evans is said to be preparing himself for more allegations of his volatile behaviour being made public.

The 50-year-old host has already been at the centre of rumours about his outbursts at the BBC, including one recent incident in which he allegedly reduced a producer at Radio 2 to tears.

But now a former female colleague of the star's is reportedly gearing up to go public with new claims about the redhead's shocking treatment of staff.

Investigative journalist Miles Goslett said on new website Heat Street: "To make matters worse for Top Gear, I have been told that a former colleague of Evans is on the brink of going public with concerns about his past behaviour.

“I have confirmed that Evans worked with this lady for two years and I have read a written statement by her that certainly reflects her anger.

“She has made no attempt to hide from friends her recollections of that time and is now weighing up whether to discuss them publicly.”

Goslett added of one particular incident back in 2005 that it would make Evans "as a lead broadcaster of popular British entertainment shows over the last 20 years a risk by today’s post-Jimmy Savile standards," according to The Sun newspaper.

The nature of this incident is not clear. However, in an interview in 2005, Evans admitted that he had exposed himself to colleagues at his production company Ginger.

"I haven’t done it for a while, but I will do it again," he said at the time. "If you get your willy out, it’s the funniest thing in the world.”

According to the publication, the BBC did not respond to their request for comment as to whether or not an investigation had been opened into Evans' behaviour, past or present.

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