Charlotte Crosby slams reports her new nose is collapsing

Charlotte Crosby slams reports her new nose is collapsing

Charlotte Crosby is sick of hearing people bad mouthing her new nose job.

The Geordie Shore star has undergone a massive transformation since finding fame on the MTV reality show in 2011. As well as her recent nose job, 25-year-old Charlotte has lost a huge amount of weight, and has lip fillers injected every five months.

However, it’s her nose that has everyone talking, with some Twitter users branding it “terrible” and “ugly”, as well as claiming it looks as though it’s collapsing.

“Have you seen my selfies, Snapchat, YouTube channel? Go and check them out, and you’ll see it’s still firmly attached,” Charlotte fumed to Heat magazine.

Charlotte was happy to let haters know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hooter. It’s not just social media users who have slammed the surgery though; various doctors have also commented that she could experience breathing difficulties because of the work.

“I’m pleased to say there’s nothing wrong with my post-op nose,” she said. “I have no idea where these stories are coming from. Someone needs to get their eyes tested – obviously they’re spending too long over their keyboard trolling.

"I'm well chuffed with my new nose - it's perfectly fine. The only thing that's been collapsing is me, after all the PAs I've been doing."

After Heat magazine first broke the news of Charlotte’s recent trip under the knife, the Newcastle lass admitted she was so pleased with her new nose that she had “taken at least 200 selfies” in the first week following surgery.

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