Catherine Tyldesley: I need to be a healthy mum

Catherine Tyldesley: I need to be a healthy mum

Catherine Tyldesley feels she has a responsibility to be healthy and strong since becoming a mother.

The Coronation Street actress and her fiancé Tom Pitfield have son Alfie together, who will be seven months old on October 18 (15). Catherine, who plays Eva Price in the soap, has already dropped two dress sizes, but insists vanity wasn’t the driving force for her slimming down.

"Having Alfie is a real responsibility," she told Fit & Well magazine. "I want to be healthy and strong for him, and I want him to grow up eating well and being active."

The star certainly looks the part on the cover of the publication, beaming as she shows off her toned body in a pair of black leggings and a slim-fitting hot pink vest. After welcoming Alfie into the world she was a size 14 and is now down to a 10, but there were no shortcuts which helped her drop the pounds.

"I did it by eating sensibly and working out," she insisted. "I still have a few pounds to go, but I’m getting there. It’s boring saying that moderation is the best way, but it’s true.

"I don’t agree with doing anything silly, like juicing for two months. I would never want to give out the wrong message."

The star has had some help though, in the form of healthy meals which have been delivered to her door. She's also been sticking to a workout plan involving a mix of different gym sessions.

"I’ve got really into weight training," she explained. "I do a mix of that and high-intensity cardio. That’s what really works in terms of body composition. It’s great for me – I feel healthy and strong and my skin’s glowing."

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